There is something about Peloponnese

The land where Greek History and Mythology Coexist with modern Greek Culture and jaw dropping natural wonders. This special place is a peninsula that lies on the South West of Greece called the Peloponnese and we are blessed to call it home. There are so many things to do and see that even most locals haven’t explored the depth of experiences it has to offer.

The town of Olympia, the birthplace of the original Olympic games in 776 BC, lies in the northwest. Sparta, well known for the stance by 300 of its bravest men against the Persian army, sits in the south of the region under Mt Taygetos. Nafplion, the first Capital of Greece, and its well preserved stone alleys on the east side, Kalamata famous for olives and so much more to the west, along with hundreds of other cities and villages comprise a unique combination catering to every need and satisfying every desire.

The Peloponnese boldly answers “Both” to the question: Mountain or Beach? More than a thousand Km of coastline and at least 8 mountains measuring 2000m or more, there is always something to be discovered. The tallest peak is Mount Taygetus situated near the Mani region in the Southwest. An area where time never seemed to be important. Well preserved stone buildings, castles, caves, traditional villages and clear crystal blue waters, make this little corner especially a hidden gem for the traveler who is looking for a more authentic experience of Greece.


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