6 Top hiking in Greece tours

6 Top hiking trails in Greece

Hiking trails in Greece & outdoor activities guided tours

What are the most popular hiking trails in Greece destinations?

hiking trails in Greece

1. In the region of the Peloponnese, Viros Gorge at the foot of Mount Taygetus in Mani (South Greece)
2. In the region of the Peloponnese, Menalon Trail in Gorytnia (south Greece)
3. In the region of Halkidiki, Mount Athos (North Greece)
4. In Creta island, Samaria gorge trail (Creta island)
5. In mainland Greece, Epirus, Vikos Zagori

How to book holidays for exploring hiking trails in Greece? is one of the most popular agency for planning your hiking in Greece holidays. We operate in the region of the Peloponnese and offer guided hiking, walking, cycling tours at the foot of the Mount Taygetos. Become a traveler with us, not a tourist.

Plan your trip & hiking trails in Greece

we offer a wide range of hiking services around the region of the famous Taygetus Mountain, reaching a height of 2.407 m, the reason why we named our site so. The summit is an ultra-prominent peak. It is even visible from the Isthmus of Corinth, which connects the Peloponnese with mainland Greece, from a height of only 60 m. Numerous creeks roll down from the mountains

6 hiking guided tours by walking or cycling

We provide 6 hiking experiences , 3 cycling experiences and outdoor adventures for guests that wish to visit Greece. You can book your trip via our website or by e-mailing us. We take care of all your needs during your trip. We also offer the opportunity to plan hiking with you before your arrival. Even group experiences such as tasting and getting to know local traditions.

1. Hiking in Exochori

Exochori is a stone-built village with a very old tradition, mentioned several times in history as Androuvista, first seen around 1278 AD. It is located at an altitude of 450 m above Kardamili, in the Taygetos mountain fringes. It used to be the old mountainous capital and the fortress of Kardamili, not only in medieval but also in ancient times. Passing through olive groves, we end up in Exochori village, where we can have a breathtaking view of the Viros Gorge, the largest gorge in west Mani.

2. Hiking in Petrovouni

Let’s warm up with a hike to Petrovouni and back! This is a short circular route around Kardamili. Having Kardamili as a starting point, we follow the old stone path through olive groves to discover Petrovouni, a very small village right above Kardamili. There is a lot to see and experience in such a short time, a quick view and a small taste of the west Mani area.

3. Hiking in Doubitsia

hiking trails in Greece

This is a challenging, but exceptionally rewarding trek. The adventure starts from Exochori, an incredibly scenic stone-built village, at an elevation of 450 m. We reach Doubitsia plateau after a 2.5 km uphill walk with commanding views over the gorge. Then, we move on downhill through an eerie dark forest to end up in the dry riverbed of the gorge itself. The return to Exochori and end of the hike is via the ancient trail that connected Sparta to Kardamili.

4. Hiking in Ridomo Gorge

hiking trails in Greece

This is an esoteric, almost mystical experience that we can hardly put into words. The adventure starts with a 30-minute drive with our vehicle from Kardamili, all the way up to Vorio village, where the hiking part starts. We walk downhill to reach the riverbed, entering a land of fairies for an one way hike! We leave the rest to your imagination! Walking in Ridomo Gorge is one of the most popular hiking trails in Greece!

5. Hiking in Taygetos peak

hiking trails in Greece

Our adventure itinerary begins at 05:30 a.m, driving off road for 1,5 hours to reach Agios Dimitrios, the hike starting point, going through Vassiliki forest up to reach the peak. The route initially traverses a forest of Greek fir (Abies cephalonica) and black pine, then continues through treeless high-altitude landscape with impressive rock formations. The stunning panoramic vistas will be the reward of your efforts. Our knowledgeable, exceptional guides lead the way—sharing Taygetos’s secrets, introducing you to valuable springs and old trees and imparting backpacking wisdom.

As we stand upon the summit, looking down on the valley floor, the deep blue sea in the horizon below and the sun rising in the distance, we revel in our accomplishments and in the tremendous journey we are enjoying. The ascent to the summit of Taygetos is not just a climb. It is an inner journey and a pilgrimage to a mountain so steeped in history and legend.

6. Hiking in Viros Gorge

hiking trails in Greece

The trail starts at the mouth of the usually dry river bed, located in Kardamili. Walking upwards into the gorge through trees, shrub, vegetation and impressive geological formation, we discover two monasteries hidden in a forest section. You will see the ruins of monastery Lykaki and the Monastery of The Savior of the 14th century.

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