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Δημιουργήσε αξέχαστες εμπειρίες στις διακοπές σου. Επίλεξε ανάμεσα σε πρωτότυπες και τοπικές δραστηριότητες.
Μην είσαι τουρίστας, γίνε ταξιδιώτης!

Ως εταιρεία ευέλικτης διαχείρισης, προσπαθούμε να υπερβούμε τις προσδοκίες των επισκεπτών μας.

Είμαστε εξειδικευμένοι στην παροχή αυθεντικών εμπειριών μέσα από δράσεις περιπέτειας
και το κάνουμε από το 2008.

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With respect to the local environment and all the living organisms.

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We create socio-economic benefits for the local community.

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Martin Black
Martin Black
18. October, 2023.
Excellent customer service, very affordable bike hire, helpful and knowledge staff, highly recommended.
11. October, 2023.
Καταπληκτική εμπειρία, ο Γιάννης φοβερός οδηγός, τα τοπία ονειρεμένα. Δοκιμάσαμε τις δυνάμεις μας παραθαλάσσια, στο ίσιωμα, ακολουθεί ο γύρος των ορεινών χωριών.
Angela Canalese
Angela Canalese
24. September, 2023.
An absolutely beautiful experience. I went on a sunset bike ride, and it was breathtaking. The entire ride was perfect. I recommend 2407 mountain activities, and I hope to return to do more activities with them soon.
Timothy Cate
Timothy Cate
8. September, 2023.
Very helpful, friendly and assisted in getting the parts I needed for my bike.
sara costi
sara costi
19. August, 2023.
Abbiamo fatto il giro del Mani Est e e-bike. Il tour è splendido è molto divertente! Le guide sono attente preparate e simpatiche, è stata una bellissima giornata. Lo consiglio!
Panayiotis Kanarellis
Panayiotis Kanarellis
18. August, 2023.
High on the Big Loop! It must be those state-of-the-art e-bikes that take you effortlessly and quietly up the slopes while leaving you with enough energy to enjoy the stupendous views … or is it the hidden villages of Mani and the out-worldly byzantine frescoes in that old church … maybe the freshness of the tomatoes and the sfela cheese during the gorgeous breakfast at Kariovouni … wait a minute, it must be all of these plus Yiannis’s and Smaro’s presence (yes, I confess, I did the cycle tour twice and each time it was different). Whatever the reason and regardless which of the two you ride with as a leader, one thing is sure, you will never feel ‘low’ on the Big Loop, even at sea level. Yiannis and Smaro, I can’t thank you enough!
Bay Magnar Engebråten
Bay Magnar Engebråten
17. August, 2023.
Fint utleiebutikk med sykler i flere prisklasser 15-80 euro pr. dag, elsykler fra 40 euro pr. dag og oppover.👍👍
Er Jee
Er Jee
14. August, 2023.
Organiseert prima dagtocht naar taygetos! Goede gids die veel verteld en er alles aan doet om er een geweldige dag van te maken. Aanrader!
James Jones
James Jones
12. August, 2023.
Great bikes and very helpful people. Would be very pleased to hire bikes from them again and if they rent out stronger legs, that would be perfect!
Rustem Cullhaj Rustem Cullhaj
Rustem Cullhaj Rustem Cullhaj
6. August, 2023.


We are specialized in providing authentic experiences through adventure activities – and have been doing so since 2008.



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Stoupa, West Mani, Messinia


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