Hiking at the Taygetus mountain

Hiking at the Taygetus mountain

Hiking at the Taygetus mountain

Two thousand four hundred and seven vertical meters come between the seaside village of Kardamili and Profitis Ilias peak, the summit of Taygetos, the roof of the Peloponnese. This is no ordinary mountain. West Mani is blessed with a landscape so diverse that can keep you busy for a lifetime exploring it. Mountain forests and meadows, steep slopes and rocky ecosystems, early wild flowers and the strong scent of the herbs will fill your heart and senses with pure joy. Hiking at the Taygeus mountain, mountain biking, trekking and climbing at the mountains’ hillsides or gorges, are just some of the many options you have! Read More “Hiking at the Taygetus mountain”

hiking destinations in West Mani

Top hiking destinations in West Mani


West Mani is the outbest destination for hiking

West Mani offers some of the most stunning and dramatic mountain scenery anywhere in Greece. With short walks on some of the pebble beaches to long mountain ridges, the most southwest part of continental Europe, has a little bit of everything. The weather also becomes an important factor to consider as the region has a mild summer and winter climate that allows all kinds of activities during the whole year.

Do you love walking, hiking or cycling?

Then west Mani will offer many occasions to enjoy these activities exploring the great outdoors through the four seasons.

This wild land filled with contrasts and welcoming inhabitants is only 45’ drive away from Kalamata. See its lush olive groves under the Taygetos mountain, its gorges and the stone builtpaths. The region of west Mani offers many different terrains for walking and trekking. Its mountain range and hilly landscape, rocky coast and Vassiliki forest offer many trails to explore. Numerous small pebble beaches, with calm waters are perfect for families. Hidden mountainous scenic villages with breathtaking views will take you to a time travel. Make a point of tastingtasting the extra virgin olive oil and the fresh local beer in the nearby tavernas.

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