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Sustainable Travel

When we travel, we take our holiday in somebody else’s home. Our holidays can impact their environments, cultures, economies and ways of life.

Treating local people and places with respect is the right thing to do, and opens up possibilities for more authentic travel. It is a win: win policy for you, local places and communities.

Our main contribution to the local society and environment is to increase the benefits of having visitors in the wider area of west Mani, eliminating possible negative impact. This is by protecting the natural environment, wildlife and natural resources when developing and managing our activities.

Additionally, we provide authentic experiences that celebrate and conserve heritage and culture. Furthermore, we create socio-economic benefits for the local community through employment and income-earning opportunities by supporting small local businesses.

Be a traveler, not a tourist

There are many times that spending more time in one pace, getting to know an area and its people can be more rewarding. We feature a range of activities that have a focus on the journey rather than the destination.

We organize activities mainly in west Mani, but also in hand-picked locations in east Mani, wider Messinia district and Cythera, offering carefully designed guided tours or even customized tours to fulfill any wish for a life time experience.

Have an adventurous and sensitively run holiday by trying eco-friendly and creative activities such as hiking tours, cycling, climbing, 4×4 off road trips, kayaking, boat trips and snorkeling adventure, culinary experiences of the local cuisine, agriculture outdoor activities, workshops with a holistic aspect such as meditation or Yoga, expressive arts, kids’ activities and much more.

With highly skilled associates and a well-trained, long experienced guide, we aim to reveal and promote west Mani special characteristics and beauty.

We welcome you!

Yiannis is the heart and soul of 2407 Outdoor Experience. When it comes to guiding, this is a one man show! His great love and admiration for Taygetos, this very special mountain where he grew up running around barefoot, gave him extensive knowledge and experience. His first and foremost priority is to keep you safe and guide you to trails less travelled. As a photographer and an artist, he will make you see life, history and nature from very a different angle!
Sofia is a self-taught artist with a background in Sales & Marketing. Her art captures the spirit of fairytales using vibrant colors, detailed brushwork and mixed media. Sofia is an experienced art teacher, teaching art to children and adults. She will lead you step-by-step through a creative process to unleash your wild imagination, create fantasy things you wouldn’t expect you could and give you a taste of the impossible becoming possible. She likes magic!