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If you are on holiday in the region of Kardamyli and wish to visit the surrounding regions by cycling, our bicycle and e-bike rental services will amaze you. We have a fleet of high quality e-bikes and bicycles.

Bicycle and e-bike Rental

Where can I rent a e-bike or bicycle?

We provide high quality e-bikes and bicycle. 

Our 2 e-bike rental offices are located at 

Kardamili, West Mani, Messinia, Greece Z.C. 24022

Stoupa, West Mani, Messinia

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 

T. 2721073752

T. 2721079168

Long cycling tour

Where can you cycle aroung Kardamyli?

Whether you are looking for a nice ride or an adventure experience, Kardamyli and Stoupa in the West Mani region are full of paths in the nature. From Stoupa to Trahila, you will enjoy most the ride while sunset.

Enjoy the Mani coast and stand on the sandy beach of Pantazi for a quick dip, as the warm sunset sun illuminates the coastline.

Many itineraries allow you to pedal coast to coast partly on a bike road and partly on a low traffic road. Enjoy original fishing villages -Selinitsa, Agios Dimitrios and Trahila – with Stoupa as the starting and ending point.

Gerolimеnas is very picturesque with the old stone buildings, the fishing boats and the blue sea as a backdrop. Pedal along enjoying the wilderness of the unique Mani Peninsula landscape, from Gerolimenas all the way to Cape Tenaro at the end of the peninsula, a total distance of 17 km.

Cаpе Tеnаrо, аlsο кnоwn аs Саpе Mаtаpаn, is thе southernmost pаrt οf Маni peninsula. Thе lighthоusе οn thе tip оf thе саpе is thе southernmost point of mainland Greece аnd
сοntinеntаl Eurоpе.

If you like long cycling tours, the quiet, unspoiled west Mani mountainous villages are waiting to be discovered on this half day guided cycling tour.

Pedal away from the busy tourist hotspots and find traditional, stone-built villages perched on hills where warm and friendly local people make a living tending their fields, serving hearty homemade food in small tavernas and coffee shops and picking the fresh produce grown there – tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, figs, eggs and homemade, traditional cheese.

With all the above wonderful sites, e-bike rental is a must if you like trekking by bicycle.

Where is Kardamyli?

Kardamili is a seaside village of Exo Mani which is 35 km away. from Kalamata and is located in the area of Lefktro. Its name comes from the many cardamoms that existed in the area. In the past it is also found under the name Skardamoula. Kardamili, a city of ancient Laconia, is considered to have existed since prehistoric times. The village retains, to this day, its ancient name. Homer includes it in the seven cities that Agamemnon offered to Achilles to congratulate him on the expulsion of Vrisiida, during the campaign in Troy, in order to persuade him to return to battle.

Kardamili is a destination that nature lovers will really love, as it is offered for unique excursions in nature. Hiking lovers will experience unforgettable experiences in the gorge of Byros, with marked paths that pass by Byzantine stone-built churches. From Kardamili also start many mountain trails that end even at the top of Taygetos, for those who are engaged in mountaineering. Therefore e-bike rental is wonderful means for discovering the region.

e-bike rental

Looking for an e-bike or bicycle guided tour?

Besides our e-bike rental services, we offer a wide range of guided tours with bicycle or e-bikes. Browse our cycling guided tours category.

cycling guided tour

What is an e-bike?

E-bikes are electric bicycles that work with a battery assistance via pedaling and, in some cases, a throttle. When you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor turns on and gives you a boost, so you can climb hills and cycle over tough terrain without straining. Also called “pedelecs,” they feel just like conventional bikes but with a smoother feeling. You control your speed with your feet, like with a regular bike. The feeling is really poweful and acceleration is easily.

Reise & Mueller Low Step
Aluminum Gravel

What are the benefits of e-bike riding?

1. Easier pedalling

2. Faster speed

3. More comfortable for longer distances

4. Works both as a bicycle or electrical assisted

5. You continue to exercise

6. Easier pedalling on tough terrain

7. Fast charging

What are the different types of e-bikes?

  • Hybrids/commuter e-bikes: Probably the most popular class as they are suitable for a multiple daily uses
  • Off-road e-bikes : Same as mountain-bikes but electric ones. 
  • E-cargo bikes: with a large box usually in front of the rider
  • Folding e-bikes: for better storage
  • Crossover and do-it-all e-bikes
  • Speed-pedelecs: can cruise to 45 mph

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