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Kardamili preserves its name for 3240 years. Agamemnon offered Kardamili to Achilles as dowry for his daughter, if Myrmidonas retook part in the war of Troia.

Among the offered cities, only Kardamili has kept the same name in the passage of centuries. Pafsanias describes Kardamili as the old harbor of Sparta, with holy Nirea and Apollo. Local tradition says about Dioskourous (Kastor and Polidefki) that they were burried in the twin carved tombs that were found above current Kardamili. Continuing our short walk through history, we find that Kardamili had a particular place and power during the roman years as well as during the Byzantine years as the harbor of Mistra.

After the fall of Konstantinoupolis important noble families such as Palaiologoi moved in Kardamilli, contributing to the newer aura of the town reflected in its towers and mansions.

In the days of 1821 the harbor of Skardamoula becomes the centre of distribution of military material and leaders and captains (Kolokotronis), (Papaflessas), (Anagnostaras). In Old Kardamili, in the tower of Mourtzinou-Troupaki on 17 March 1821 P. Mauromichalis, Kolokotronis and other captains are in military alarm in order to go to Kalamata with trups of Mani soldiers.

Nowadays Kardamili has been characterized as a landscape of particular natural beauties with rich flora and fauna, and as historical landscape since its ground resided from the ancient years up to today is rich in monuments of all eras including characteristic examples of development of the local architecture.

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